Functional Cross Training (FxT)
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8400 S.  Kyrene Rd. Ste 107
Tempe AZ, 85284
Body Focus Fitness & Performance is a private personal training and group fitness training studio in Tempe, Arizona. Founded in 2005 by personal trainer Kevin C. Freeland, the mission from the beginning was to bring reality back to an industry which to a large extent is a sea of gimmicks and false promises based more on marketing than exercise science. Machines, abdominal gizmos and fad diets garnered most of the attention as people bought them, bought in, and largely got nowhere. At Body Focus Fitness we bucked those trends and brought real world fitness and elite athletic training to the general public. Soon people of all types were reaping the benefits of our knowledge and expertise. Runners with nagging injuries, busy "soccer moms", high school athletes and weekend warriors were improving their fitness, form and function through our programs. Word has spread until Body Focus Fitness & Performance has become one of the most popular private fitness facilities in the east valley. 

 Functional Fitness and Cross Training