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Body Focus Fitness & Performance
8400 S. Kyrene Rd
Tempe, AZ 85284

Founded by personal trainer Kevin C. Freeland in 2005, with the mission of bringing reality back to the fitness industry. Unfortunately the fitness industry is awash with false promises and gimmicks based more on marketing than exercise science. Fad diets, and abdominal gizmos get most of the attention as people buy in and largely get nowhere.  
At Body Focus Fitness we ignore the trendy and bring elite athletic training and real-world fitness to the general public. People of all types are reaping the benefits of our expertise and knowledge. Through our programs "soccer moms", runners with nagging injuries, weekend warriors and athletes are improving their form, function and fitness.

Personal Training should be just that; personal. At Body Focus Fitness you won't just be doing a "cookie cutter" workout; your workout will be designed specifically for you, based on your goals, current condition and past experience. 
 Personal Training programs start with a thorough evaluation. After a completing a health history and being cleared to engage in exercise, assessments of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness are conducted to establish a starting point for your program. Then, we will discuss your goals, both long and short term, and outline the best plan for achieving them. 
Functional Cross Training (FxT) classes are high energy small group workouts that incorporate a wide variety of​ exercise types to get the job done. Strength, cardio and functionality are the focus during a 45 minute workout that will torch calories and give you the ability to tackle every one of life's challenges. Kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and cardiovascular training are melded together in a rotating protocol that ensures that all aspects of fitness are properly addressed and maximized. You will be in the best shape of your life.
Free meal planning is included with all of my programs. Generally speaking, what and how you eat is 50-80 percent responsible for your success, whether it is weight loss, sports performance or mass building/ Nutrition is the key to obtaining the results you seek and the key to maintaining your condition once you reach your goal. Don't be fooled by the fads: nothings works better than consistent application of science based nutritional principles when it comes to creating results that last. You will be provided with a plan that takes into account who you are as an individual; your age, gender, sleep habits, lifestyle, occupation, health history are all factors considered in creating a plan that fits you.