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Kevin Freeland 
Certified Trainer​​

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Open Gym:
Classes On your own schedule
 Classes operate on an open start time  format, meaning you can arrive any time during the designated time periods and perform the 45-60 minute workout.  See the schedule below for available time slots.

  • Functional Cross Training.    
  • A challenging high intensity routine that will improve your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. We employ barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls plus calisthenics and elements of yoga and Pilates to give you the best all around workout possible.

  • Hybrid Barbell.           
  • Strength training taken to the next level. Combine the benefits of powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting to become stronger, more lean and functional. Detailed instruction for the beginner, a challenging structured program for the more experienced.
  • Group Performance Training
  • Sport specific performance and conditioning.  Increase strength, speed, quickness, power and endurance.