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Kevin Freeland 
Certified Trainer​​

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I specialize in improving functional fitness and providing my clients with the ability to perform better in life or their chosen sport. There are several programs to choose from.


  • No"cookie cutter" workouts, your workout is designed specifically for you. 
  • Programs start with a thorough assessment of strength, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.
  • We will set both long and short term goals and outline the best plan for achieving them.
  • ​Nutritional guidance is included
  • 30 and 45 minute sessions available.​​

Enhanced Performance Training

  • All team and individual sports. Be faster, stronger and avoid injuries.
  • Olympic weightlifing. Snatch and clean & jerk Basic Improve your technique and increase your totals.
  • Powerlifting. Improve your max in the deadlift, bench press and squat.  
  • HybridFit. Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and high intensity interval training  in one program. You'll be lean, strong and fast. 

Functional Mobility

  •  One of the most imporant and often ignored aspects of health and fitness  ​​
  • Increase movement and strength through a greater range of motion
  • Greater athletic performance and injury avoidance 
  • Yoga, Pilates, dynamic stretching and kettlebell mobility drills
  • increase your core strength 

​​Youth Performance Training

  • ​Middle school and high school athletes
  •  Emphasis on the fundamentals and safety
  • After devoloping a solid foundation each athlete is advanced through a program  specific to their sport
  • Athletes are trained in a motivating group setting