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Total Fire FxT

Inspired by the work of reknowned strength and conditioning coach Istvan Javorek, who has made a career of developing Olympic medalists and professional athletes, the Total Fire FxT programs draw upon those proven methods to give you a workout guaranteed to get results. Whether it's losing fat, gaining muscle or increasing your cardiovascular fitness, the Total Fire FxT programs will get you there. And although it is based on advanced science and designed for the world's best athletes, the program is so simple and straight forward  that virtually anyone can do it. 
The essence of the Total Fire FxT progams are complexes.  A complex is a series exercises performed in a nonstop sequence. This method of training allows you to maximize the amount of work that you can perform in a given time. This means more work in less time, which translates to more results in less time.  These routines work the entire body so the they are only performed 3-4 days per week.

Here's an example (video)

  • 6 Presses
  • 6 Reverse Grip Bent Rows
  • 6 Plyo Push Ups
  • 6 Hang Power Clean​s
  • 6 Front Squats
  • 6 ​Good Morning​s

​The above sequence is performed
​six times.

These programs are based on barbells,
kettlebells and dumbbells, and full 
instructions are included on how to implement the program, proper form, weight loads, preparation and recovery. If you already own basic exercise equipment then you're likey ready to go, if not the investment required will be minimal.  If you have a gym membership then you have everything covered. 
​                          and check out the available programs. They will be ready for purchase after the first of February.