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Weightlifting is a training methodology and a sport also known as Olympic Weightlifting. It has been called "the greatest workout known to man" due to the fact that it involves and improves virtually every aspect of physical fitness and ability; strength, cardio, range of motion,speed and agility.  It doesn't require the development of large amounts of muscle mass which makes it perfect for any athlete who needs to improve their performance without putting on weight, or for the fitness enthusiast who wants to maximize their fitness levels.

For the beginner there is a lot to learn, but you will be taken through a step by step progression by a USA Weightlifting certified coach who will ensure:

  • You are physically prepared to perform the  required movements by applying a thorough  movement screening
  • To correct deficiencies that may impede your   progress
  • ​Learn and always apply proper form
  • Progress at the proper rate
  • Prepare for competition if you wish

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